Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Create Lists on Votters
Anyone can create lists about anything for users to vote.

I would like to add an item onto an existing list?

We are currently working on the "add item feature" in the meantime you may comment and we will add the additional item on your behalf.

How will I benefit from creating lists on Votters?

When you create fun lists which your followers can share, your work is seen by more people. This will boost your exposure online and increase your brand awareness, YouTube views, and social media following.

What Lists Can I create on Votters?

You can create fun lists of just about anything and ask your followers to vote and share.

Here are a few list ideas:
Vote for xxx Hottest looks               Vote for xxx best album
Vote for the best xxx song              Vote for xxx funniest video

I would like to create a list but I cannot get a suitable category

If you would like to create a list but you cannot use the available categories, simply drop us a note and we will instantly create a relevant category for you.

I don't have pictures for item lists

You don't have to add different images for all item lists. You can use one image for list items, See Example.

How to find lists

There are 1000's of lists on Votters so finding interesting lists can be quite daunting

Find lists in your country by typing your "country" in the search box or click "Explore" to browse lists by category.